Cynix( introduced “XIR Series” at Connect.W 2016, which ran Sep. 27-28 at Songdo Conventia.

Founded in 2000, Cynix manufactures network security products for the developers and manufacturers. They are high in quality, preventing the developers and internet service providers from hacking.

The product that it introduced in the show is XIR Series, a 360-degree camera used by installing on the wall or ceiling. It moves by itself, recording 4K video, and the video can be viewed through the monitor real-time.

Organized by KAIT and sponsored by MSIP, KData, SeongNam Industry Promotion Agency, and DSPOne, Connect.W served outstanding ICT companies to find new business partners with the invitation of foreign telecommunication companies to the show. Having a successful run last year, this year’s show also garnered success.

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