Mckinley( introduces IBS infra-structure, DOSE and HIE/IX at ‘Connect.W 2016’ which runs from 27th to 28th of September, Songdo ConvensiA, Incheon, South Korea.

Mckinley is a company who provides new concept of IBS (In Building Solution) infra-structure. It is required to construct various kinds of networks in large building by commercial & mandatory reasons. Mckinley provides very unique solution to integrate all kinds of wireless networks between 88MHz and 6GHz such as commercial cellular networks, FM, TETRA, 2-way radio, Emergency wireless network and etc.

It can make simple & easy to construct wireless network infra in building as well as saving both initial & maintenance costs. Mckinley has already provided this solution to Korean market cooperating with KT (Korean Telecom) and our solution have been deployed in hospital, department store and office buildings.

Meanwhile, Connect. W is an inclusive One on One B2B Matching Platform to identify an optimal business needs of global telecom Operators around the world. Global ICT Partnership Program, including B2B meeting program for global telecom operators and ICT companies opened at the same time.

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