Knowck( introduced its smart signage platform “Cloudcast” at Connect.W 2016, which ran Sep. 27-28 at Songdo Conventia.

Knowck is a smart signage company established in 2011, providing the innovative effect with its solution developed by the original technology.

Knowck’s main product Cloudcast is the smart signage platform that can be customized according to the different signage. It is a digital signage on a different level, more than just reproducing video and images with AMS(Application Management System). With this cloud-based solution, the signage can evolve to provide global, mobile, and real-time reproduction.

Cloudcast is easy to manage because it is a cloud-based integrated management center. Real-time remote control makes it possible to be used anywhere in the world, and schedule change, contents addition, editing, replacement, and deletion can be done easily. And with the monitoring system that can check the status of all displays, it notifies errors right away.

Organized by KAIT and sponsored by MSIP, KData, SeongNam Industry Promotion Agency, and DSPOne, Connect.W served outstanding ICT companies to find new business partners with the invitation of foreign telecommunication companies to the show. Having a successful run last year, this year’s show also garnered success.

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