Athena( introduces smart car at ‘Connect.W 2016′ which runs from 27th to 28th of September, Songdo ConvensiA, Incheon, South Korea.

Athena’s connected smart car consists of hardware, including 3G or 4G LTE modem and Bluetooth, software with smartphone application and website solution, new generation of Taxi Call and Dispatch System, Taxi meter with payment system and etc. These abilities enables to track taxi status and to communicate with call center for dispatching.

It also transports fee payment system, vehicle information system and TPL system. They support advanced driver assistance system.

Their vehicle information device, proven connected car devices, provides the motor vehicles status and drivers’ driving patterns to TiA user interfaces.

Meanwhile, Connect. W is an inclusive One on One B2B Matching Platform to identify an optimal business needs of global telecom Operators around the world. Global ICT Partnership Program, including B2B meeting program for global telecom operators and ICT companies opened at the same time.

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