CA Technology( introduced its all-in-one IP camera for violence detection at Connect.W 2016, which ran Sep. 27-28 at Songdo Conventia.

This all-in-one IP camera for monitors abnormal activities in vibration, motion, and voice and notifies the activity to the smartphone, control system, and the police.

The motorcycle protector is a GPS-based motorcycle tracking system that tracks the location and prevents theft with a USIM chip implanted in the motorcycle. It can be fully controlled by smartphones, and can transmit SMS alarm and location information.

The staff of CA Technology said it wants to enter the ASEAN region after exhibiting at Connect.W.

Organized by KAIT and sponsored by MSIP, KData, SeongNam Industry Promotion Agency, and DSPOne, Connect.W served outstanding ICT companies to find new business partners with the invitation of foreign telecommunication companies to the show. Having a successful run last year, this year’s show also garnered success.

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