Allb( introduced its wearable device for infants and babies at Connect.W 2016, which ran Sep. 27-28 at Songdo Conventia.

Allb, the wearable device for infants and babies, measures the skin temperature, sleep patterns, and breathing patter during sleep real-time. It can be used for children of the ages of 0~2, and the device is attached on the bands of diapers or pants.

The device collects the health data of the babies with the sensor, and quickly notifies the parents when abnormal activity has been recorded. The health data can be seen in daily, weekly, and monthly graphs.

Allb has been chosen as one of the Korea’s Best New Products 2016, proving its quality and technology. It hopes to reach the customers in the US, Europe, Vietnam, Malaysia, and Thailand.

Organized by KAIT and sponsored by MSIP, KData, SeongNam Industry Promotion Agency, and DSPOne, Connect.W served outstanding ICT companies to find new business partners with the invitation of foreign telecommunication companies to the show. Having a successful run last year, this year’s show also garnered success.

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