Konestech introduces ‘WebCON’ at ‘Connect.W 2016’ which runs from 27th to 28th of September, Songdo ConvensiA, Incheon, South Korea.

Konestech is a security solution company which develops and provides software-based WAF(Web Application Firewall).

Konestech main product is WebCON. ‘WebCON’ is a software-based Web Application Firewall which is suitable web security product for both existing network and cloud environment network. Since WebCON was out on the market a decade ago, WebCON has acquired a couple of certifications from authorized organizations. Its performance and reliability has been verified in the market.

Cloud, IoT and Big Data services are growing rapidly and having incredible impacts on the whole industry as well as ICT industry. These services all are based on the “Web”. So, as hacking, personal information leakage and other forms of security incidents occur more frequently regardless of public or private sectors, interest and usage for WAF is increasing to inspect and protect web traffic more effectively and efficiently. WebCON is optimized for Cloud computing environment beyond hardware appliance WAF.

WebCON is installed and operated in heterogeneous environments without specialized knowledge. It is possible to process SSL data more rapidly than HW-type WAF which needs additional encryption and even require SSL accelerator. It is optimized for “Cloud Environments” as well as the existing network infrastructure and providing integrated management and control.

Konestech’s goal in the Connect.W is to introduce WebCON to potential clients in Southeast Asian countries and hopefully to get some contracts through the showcase. Konestech have some countries are interested in WebCON and they are communicating with those countries. Konestech are open to any client is interested in WenCON through the Connect W.

Meanwhile, Connect. W is an inclusive One on One B2B Matching Platform to identify an optimal business needs of global telecom Operators around the world. Global ICT Partnership Program, including B2B meeting program for global telecom operators and ICT companies opened at the same time.

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