NET and Human Interface( introduced its integrated account and access control solution “HI-WARE” at Connect.W 2016, which runs Sep. 27-28 at Songdo Conventia.

NET and Human Interface’s solution helps protect the clients’ network system from all kinds of security problems. Through continuous R&D on integrated IT operation and maintenance and plenty of problem-solving experience, NET and Human Interface now possesses the best technology and specialty in the industry.

HI-WARE is an indexed access method(IAM) solution that consists of account management system HI-TIM, database account manager HI-DBIM, system access controller HI-TAM, database access controller HI-DBAM.

HI-WARE greatly increased the convenience by increasing the safety and making the integrated UI and process. According to the needs, the solution can be customized by selecting only the solutions the client likes, and as a whole, it provides user authorization, access control, log check, and integrated account management.

The server in the server rooms and DBMS can be remote controlled by HI-WARE to prevent accidents and hacking.

NET and Human Interface had made partnership with 13 companies in seven countries including China, Thailand, Singapore as HI-WARE partners. It is planning to enter South America and the Middle East in 2017. It is currently exhibiting in trade shows in other countries, and it is conducting HI-WARE seminar for the customers and partners are twice a year.

Organized by KAIT and sponsored by MSIP, KData, SeongNam Industry Promotion Agency, and DSPOne, Connect.W serves outstanding ICT companies to find new business partners with the invitation of foreign telecommunication companies to the show. Having a successful run last year, this year’s show is also expected to garner success.

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