Access Mobile will introduce ‘AdsThru’ at ‘Connect.W 2016’ which runs from 27th to 28th of September, Songdo ConvensiA, Incheon, South Korea.

Access Mobile is a Mobile service company, specializing in mobile telecommunication service and technology, especially in optimizing and monetizing mobile telecom operators’ networks by introducing and operating innovative services and tech platform for them. Access Mobile is a ten-year old Korean company with 4 local operations in Asia.

Access Mobile’s main business fields are telco-grade value added service, mobile commerce and advertisement service and platform. Among these areas, today They would like to introduce our cutting-edge mobile ad service and platform, called AdsThru.

AdsThru platform enables 3 services. 1st service is Ad Blocker that enables telco subscribers a pleasant browsing and data using experience with greatly reduced amount of ads.

AdsThru filters the ads which will be shown to each subscriber of the telcos data network, so that the viewers are not overwhelmed by too-many ads nor unwanted campaigns, but rather have useful info-mercials of their personal interests.

Also, AdsThru protects data users from unwanted ads, telcos can protect their subscribers from harmful sites in their network level. Only by getting children this telco’s number, they can protect them from the sites with harmful and poisonous contents. So, Adsthru is a platform to bring Win-Win-Win deal for telcos, advertisers, and individual users.

Access Mobile collaborate with telcos by providing this platform without upfront and fixed payment. The company make sure the telcos to get revenue from this new business by providing not only the platform but the business side too. This performs intensive research and engagement with local ad publishers and contents owners, so that this business makes the overall mobile ad industry more sustainable and efficient.

Currently AdsThru is implemented either introduced mostly in Southeast Asia where Access Mobile has footprints on, including Malaysia, Indonesia and Philippines. Access Mobile is looking at the telcos in the rest of Asia, Middle east and Europe, whose mobile data penetration is high but data network is not yet optimized or monetized in terms of ad business.

Meanwhile, Connect. W is an inclusive One on One B2B Matching Platform to identify an optimal business needs of global telecom Operators around the world. Global ICT Partnership Program, including B2B meeting program for global telecom operators and ICT companies will be also opened at the same time.

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Video by Sungyu Lim, Written by Dahyun Kim