“Connect.W”, a B2B specialized meeting program for overseas telecom operators and ICT companies, kicked off at DDP on Nov. 19.

Hosted by the Korea Association for ICT Promotion (President Jang Dong-hyeon, hereafter KAIT), “Connect.W” is a B2B program in the ICT field that combines “Foreign Demand-Customized Products Exhibition” and “One-On-One Export Meetings” with buyers. Export meetings between major telecom operators from foreign countries, including the ASEAN, and international and domestic participant companies are held. And MOUs and contracts are signed at the event.

Foreign buyers from 51 companies, including major telecom operators and cooperative companies from ASEAN’s 15 nations, such as Telecom Malaysia, Telecom Indonesia, Vietnam Viettel, and other major companies, visited the exhibition. They visited 56 booths run by international and domestic companies, and participated in one-on-one business matching programs.

This year, there has been an increase in the consumption of LTE, core equipment and solutions, and data. Thus, it is expected that this event will create opportunities to find international and domestic business partners for telecom operators from major countries, including those from ASEAN that have much demand for contents and additional services, such as IoT, security, e-learning, and IPTV.

In order to meet foreign business demand from ASEAN markets and help domestic small and medium-sized companies advance into foreign markets, KAIT has run a total of 12 ICT partnership programs, which are considered preliminary programs for “Connect.W”. They have garnered contracts worth $200 million between overseas telecom operators and participating domestic companies.

“Connect.W” is an event that gathers all the accumulated business achievements, using overseas telecom business networks that KAIT created through those global ICT partnership programs. During the event, various contracts and MOUs were signed by major telecom operators from Indonesia, Vietnam, Malaysia, and participating companies.

COBALTRAY, a domestic platform and Si developer, will sign a POS system technology support contract with Indonesia. And PLUSTEC, an additional service provider, will start a co-investment project with telecom operators from Vietnam and Malaysia. These achievements between international and domestic companies were possible through the coordinated efforts of KAIT’s “Pre-Matching System”.

The additional event “Global Telco Conference” was held from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. at the International Hall in DDP. Telecom operators from ASEAN, as well as Korea, China, and Japan, gave speeches about actual policies and telecommunication business strategies of major countries. Also, an MOU signing ceremony was scheduled to be held for 30 minutes from 6 p.m. at the Marriott in Dongdaemun. After that, there is a networking dinner for minister-level guests and foreign info-communication companies.

Kim Seung-gun, director of KAIT, said: “‘Connect.W’ overcomes the limitations of existing B2B programs, by coordinating business plans between buyers and suppliers in advance. This B2B marketplace will customize demand, satisfying all participants by generating practical and concrete contracts and achievements.”

For more information about “Connect.W”, visit the official website (connectw.or.kr) or call its office at 02-580-0583.


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