In August this year, Bigstar Global held a seminar on ways of preventing children from becoming “digitally addicted.” It was targeted for some 200 directors of daycare centers affiliated to the Incheon Metropolitan City Daycare Center Association.

The major topic that was dealt at the seminar was “Preventing Smart Device Addiction and Measure for Their Proper Use.” The MOU between Bigstar Global and Incheon Metropolitan City Daycare Center Association was signed thereafter.

The rapid growth of IT technology meshed with parent’s thirst for early education for their children has significantly lowered the average age when a child first encounters a smart device to age 2. There are so many digital devices such as smartphones and tablet PCs children can access to.

Unfortunately, many digital content is not suitable for kids, and they are out everywhere that parents always have watch what their kids are watching. But, since there is a limit on how much parents can supervise, we witness so many parents resorting to taking the smart devices away from kids, eliminating the possibilities of kids watching the “harmful” content.

But in this digital day and age, it is impossible to completely avoid digital content. Kids will have to encounter digital devices at some point in their lives. Shutting down is not an option for them.

Bigstar Global is one of the major education content providers in Korea that focuses on providing fun and exciting learning experience to kids. The content for EBS’s nature documentary animation for children, “Peet, The Forest Detective” has been developed by Bigstar Global. EBS is the public and largest education channel in Korea. In, LG’s Kids Pad2, Bigstar Global inserted memory game and tangram activity to add fun to learning.

Since its founding in Seoul in 2000, it has become the leading content provider of premium educational audio and video media content in Korea, providing professional content production services and solutions to major publishers.

It has partnership with 50 major picture book publishers including Disney, Rosetta Stone, and Oxford University Press. With over 5,000 titles that are ready to be provided, it has made global partnership with 166 companies in 35 countries.





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