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[Connect.W 2015 Video] DataStreams, Korea’s One and Only Total Data Management Company

DataStreams is a data management company providing proprietary solutions in data integration and data quality management. It is a recognized market leader with the recent release of the big data analytics platform and data governance platform. DataStreams is dedicated to advancing the big data and data governance markets by providing the several unique and excellent

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[Connect.W 2015 Video] Connect.W Introduced By KAIT’s President

Until now, the marketplace exhibition organizers prepared was limited in its capability, and not much information was shared prior to the exhibition. But because of this, many contents providers or participants were not able to meet the business partners they needed. The identity of Connect.W is that it is the 1-on-1, order-made B2B event to

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[Connect.W 2015] SNS Signage Made Possible With Cloudcast

See how amazing it is to see what's posted on your SNS instantly on digital signage. With Cloudcast, a smart signage open platform which Knowck released, anyone can easily display images and files that are posted on SNS like Facebook and Instagram, and it can be done even when it is not from their posting

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[Connect.W 2015 Video] Bigstar Global’s Digital Education Beats Digital Addiction

In August this year, Bigstar Global held a seminar on ways of preventing children from becoming "digitally addicted." It was targeted for some 200 directors of daycare centers affiliated to the Incheon Metropolitan City Daycare Center Association. The major topic that was dealt at the seminar was "Preventing Smart Device Addiction and Measure for Their

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